Thursday, 16 November 2017

Peyote Stitch and Starter Strips

Using a starter strip to begin a peyote stitch project is a new concept for me.  Now that I have tried it, I think I'm hooked.   A starter strip eliminates that awkward two row traditional start that usually ends up too tight.    With a starter strip, you add your first row of beads using a contrasting thread colour, then bead your project with a different thread.  Pull out the contrasting thread when you are ready to remove the starter strip.  There is a great tutorial here.

My point is that the peyote stitch start is different than the traditional start and so the pattern needs to be different too.  I am editing my peyote stitch patterns for use with a starter strip.  If you are looking for patterns for a Starter Strip........I'll have them.  :)

And THAT is not even Big Fat Idea 2/2.  That was Big Fat Idea 1.5/2 with Big Fat Idea 1/2 being the bangle with the rolled edge........still working on that and I'm keeping Big Fat Idea 2/2 a secret until the prototype is done.  You are gonna have to wait.

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