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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Peyote Stitch and Starter Strips

Using a starter strip to begin a peyote stitch project is a new concept for me.  Now that I have tried it, I think I'm hooked.   A starter strip eliminates that awkward two row traditional start that usually ends up too tight.    With a starter strip, you add your first row of beads using a contrasting thread colour, then bead your project with a different thread.  Pull out the contrasting thread when you are ready to remove the starter strip.  There is a great tutorial here.

My point is that the peyote stitch start is different than the traditional start and so the pattern needs to be different too.  I am editing my peyote stitch patterns for use with a starter strip.  If you are looking for patterns for a Starter Strip........I'll have them.  :)

And THAT is not even Big Fat Idea 2/2.  That was Big Fat Idea 1.5/2 with Big Fat Idea 1/2 being the bangle with the rolled edge........still working on that and I'm keeping Big Fat Idea 2/2 a secret until the prototype is done.  You are gonna have to wait.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Big Fat Idea # 1

Big fat ideas have a tendency to occupy my mind when I am supposed to be sleeping or doing something more responsible like getting my blood work done or driving an hour to visit with my Mom.  Big fat ideas take over my life sometimes.  The first of the two big fat ideas dancing around my head is a version of this beauty.

This gorgeous thing is the brain child of Mikki Ferrugiaro at Mikki Ferrugiaro Designs.  I have been oggling her designs for quite a while and have finally made the decision to use this design as my first foray into structural beading.  If you want to take this journey with me, I would recommend that you purchase the TULIP ROLLED EDGE BANGLES tutorial.   You may want to buy the tutorial for the band as well.  I didn't need to since I designed my own band.  I may regret that decision since I guessed at the dimensions but, what the heck, I am a risk-taker that way.

This is the design I am working on.

Oh, and before I post this, full disclosure:  Notice that the band is peyote stitch?  It is also beaded widthwise so the "teeth" are along the long edges.  This is to set up for the rolled edge.  Now, since I started and ripped out the peyote version of this no less than 5 times, I have elected to bead the band in brick stitch.   Same/same.  Brick stitch is just peyote stitch sideways.  I will post photos of my progress in my next post.  Right now, a fresh cup of coffee awaits me and then I have to run into town to run a few errands.

And...........I'm back.  I should have posted this photo yesterday but, I got myself caught up in another Big Fat Idea.  I have been beading as well as designing.  This is my progress so far:

November 30, 2017

I'm sorry about the delay in posting.  I took a week off to spend with my Mom and found no time at all to bead while I was with her.  I am back now and got busy again last night.

I found that I will have to make a few changes to the colours in the bracelet band I am working on.  I am going to run out of the orange before my order from gets here and I am changing the blue I had originally planned to use.  I designed this for the beads I had on hand and have since received a new blue that I like better.  I also think I chose the wrong white but I am too far along to change it now so it will have to stand.

I am just shy of the half way point on this.

Dec. 6, 2017

I have just come up against my first real problem with this project.  It is detailed in the tutorial for the rolled edge that the length of the bracelet has to be in multiples of 10.  In short, 150 beads long is too small for my wrist and 160 beads long is too big.  I have to rethink the edging on this piece.  The next time I attempt this, I will also make the band a little narrower.  Mine is currently 2 inches wide, which I love but, it might be too wide after the rolled edge is added.  So, note to self:  Edit the pattern to a maximum of 1.5" and talk to Mikki Ferrugiaro about how the rolled edge in the tutorial resizes the bangle.  

My finished bangle band:  I will work on an edging for it and then take more photos.

Dec. 7, 2017

I emailed the designer of the Tulip Rolled Edge pattern about the sizing problem I was having.  Yes, the rolled edge does reduce the size of the finished bracelet a bit which is good news.  If it does not reduce the size enough for me, I will have to try a different edging.  Bummer!  I love the rolled edge.  

Dec. 8, 2017

This project will be on hold for a while.  I am going to run out of white beads so I won't finish this until the new year.

Dec. 23, 2017

The beads and rubber tubing I needed to finish this project arrived yesterday so I am working on it again.  The wait gave me time to consider my options.  I have chosen to go all black with gold "dots" for my rolled edge.  Beading has begun, I am very pleased and will post more photos today.

Dec. 26, 2017

I am finished.  I ended up having to adjust the pattern a little but only because I second guessed myself, and then made a mistake that I could not locate.

(The first rolled edge)


Here is what I learned about this project:  

1.  Don't make the band portion of the bangle too wide.  2" is too wide once the rolled edges are completed.

2.  Don't second guess the sizing.  Mikki tells you how many beads around it needs to be for your size.  Trust her.  I thought mine was too big so I changed the sizing.  It is now a smidge tighter than I wanted.  TRUST THE DESIGNER.

3.  Pay attention.  I lost myself somewhere in the first rolled edge, tried to correct it, got lost again and chose to carry on rather than throw the whole project out the back door.  I had to make the same mistake on the second rolled edge to keep things balanced.  I ended up with a rolled edge rather than the scalloped version which is ok but, not what I was going for.

4.  What seems to make no sense in the beginning, makes perfect sense in the end and you are going to love this tutorial.  I learned a lot and I will use this tutorial over and over again.  

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