Saturday, 23 September 2017

Moss Chevron Free Loom Pattern

Don't forget that Loom patterns can also be used as a Square Stitch pattern!!

This is an adaptation of a pattern I designed last year.  The difference is, not only the colour choices but the palette I used.  The colours chosen for this project will not fade or wear off.  Yes, it does happen.  I am in the midst of editing ALL of my patterns to ensure their longevity.  It's going to be a huge undertaking but, in the end, worth it.  If my customers aren't happy then I have not done my job.

Click on the image to get your free pdf of this pattern.

See the little orange checkmark?  That is the symbol I will be using to indicate which patterns have been double checked and/or edited for the best beading results.  I have a lot of work to do.  

Monday, 18 September 2017

Trailing Flowers with Silver Lined Colours

This is an adaptation from a pattern I created this morning (before I harvested pears and made pear crisp).   As with all of my patterns, click on the image to get to the free download.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

My Ultimate Goal

Seriously, who doesn't love creating?  Being creative is what keeps me sane and with winter being as long as it is here in Canada, I'd lose my mind if I didn't have something to concentrate on.

That is not the only reason I do this though.  I want a farm.  Not the kind of farm that I live on now and not in the place that I live now.  This farm is wonderful in it's own way but, I need something more.  This world needs something more than organic fruits and vegetables.  This world needs clean energy.

I want a solar farm.  That is my ultimate goal and that's where every penny of my pattern sales goes.  I want to build a solar farm where I can grow my own food AND produce clean energy.  The clean energy part is vitally important to me.  So, when you buy a pattern from me, that's what you are really investing in.  Pretty awesome, right?  I think so.  This is ultimately what keeps me going.

The rains are coming

Again I was distracted from my bead patterns when the weather forecast warned of rain coming.   I ignored that warning last year thinking the rain would pass and I could finish "winterizing" my garden later.  I was wrong.  It rained for the next 8 months.  I took the day yesterday to prepare for that possibility so I am now trying to play catch-up with my bead patterns.

I managaed to upload some new items this week but, I have many more to go yet.  Today, I decided to upload to my Craftsy shop for those people who avoid Etsy.  I'm only 12 patterns in and about 300 to go.  *sigh*.

I need to get everything ready because my Mom is going to need my help and attention by the end of this month.

I came across this old pattern in my collection this morning and realized that I had never published it.  It is now published.  I think it's kind of cute and it reminds me of the feral rabbits that run around on my farm (and ate all the carrot tops in my vegetable garden last night).

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Purple Tipped Dahlia Pattern

I almost forgot to post this.  As promised, the Purple Tipped Dahlia pattern for loom or square stitch.  Enjoy and happy beading!  As always, click on the image to get your free download.

Nothing to do with beads

 I always feel guilty when I neglect my blog.   Today, I am going to show you what distracts me.  (other than beads, beads on sale, beading and new pattern ideas)

I live on a farm in BC.  Our growing season is a lot longer than I am used to so yard work or garden work is a year-long thing.  I don't get to just put my garden to bed for the winter and concentrate on other things.  I have to take time every week to beat back the blackberries, weed, prune, harvest and sometimes feed the feral rabbits (just  because they are cute).

This summer started with an over-grown mess.  A rose garden so neglected and over-grown that the roses had to send up shoots over 12 feet tall just to get sunlight.  Below are two before and after photos of this section of the garden.  This represents about a quarter of the garden space I deal with daily.


This space is now filled (over-filled) with wild flowers which was a lazy way to add colour to the garden in a hurry and not spend $300 on bedding plants.  I added my own Irises, Crocosmia and Shasta Daisis and transplanted some Peonies from another section of the yard.  I have to do weekly battles with the blackberries that keep trying to take over again.  I'd love to use an industrial strength weed killer but this is an organic property.  No pesticides!

This is just the rose garden.  There are grape vines,  a vegetable garden, a small greenhouse and an orchard.  

I have not gardened like this for many years and I have definitely not gardened in BC before which is a completely different experience than the Prairie gardening I am used to.  

Oh, meet one of our feral rabbits.  These are previously domesticated rabbits that someone has let loose.  They have thrived and spread all over the place.  I don't mind them because they don't really do any damage and they are kind of cute.  I may change my mind if they eat my vegetable garden.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Wild Roses

Well, I like to think of them as Wild Roses.  This pattern makes me so homesick for the wide open spaces of the Praries.  *sigh*  This is an advanced pattern, by the way.  Just fair warning.  Have fun with it.  As always, click on the image to get your free download.

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